Before You Buy

Arrive in plenty of time, get a catalogue that will give you an up to the minute list of the vehicles that have arrived and for sale at that point, it will give you details regarding each vehicle with model, mileage and details that might help you decide whether you want to bid on that vehicle or not.

Set yourself a limit price for bidding on each vehicle and remember if you successfully purchase a vehicle there is an indemnity fee to pay on top of the agreed sale price, a deposit is then required immediately.

Every vehicle has a window sticker displayed, this gives you information regarding all the documents we have, the majority of vehicles are sold with the V5 or green slip but on some occasions these are not available, but it will state what we have available, it will also state how much MOT and road tax there is, vehicle mileage, engine size, any markers against the vehicle etc.

Always check the window sticker before the vehicle is sold even if you have a catalogue, just in case there has been an amendment made to the details.

If it is your intention to buy a vehicle that comes direct from Main Agent Garages or Independent Garages etc we do try and state this on the window sticker.

Check how the vehicle is sold, this is very important, vehicle can be sold "AS SEEN" or "WITH TRIAL" next we explain each term.


Just that! Non-returnable with no mechanical warranty whatsoever. When you buy a car "AS SEEN", you buy it with all its faults, however serious they may be. Carefully inspect the vehicle before it goes under the hammer and as it is driven into the saleroom. Try and bring someone with you who has mechanical knowledge.


Again read the notice on windscreen carefully. You will, however, have the opportunity to try the car after purchase - complaints must be restricted to 'major mechanical faults' and must be reported to the engineer within ONE HOUR of the sale, should it fail the trial a full refund will be made or a possible negotiation in price with the seller.