Selling Description

Selling your vehicle "As Seen". Any age vehicle can be sold "As Seen". Even when selling your vehicle this way you must complete all the sections on the entry form accurately, disclosing if the vehicle has been an Insurance Total loss, re-registered, any outstanding hire purchase etc. There is no need to fill in the mechanical section on the entry form.

Selling your vehicle "With Trial". If you decide to sell your vehicle with an end of sale trial, the purchaser has up to one hour after the end of the auction to query the description of the vehicle and any faults not disclosed by you. The vehicle can only be rejected on major mechanical defects, i.e. the engine - the gearbox - the clutch - the brakes - the steering - transmission - certain electrical components. We check these straight away, and if in agreement with the buyer we will contact you to negotiate an adjustment to the price if possible or confirm that the sale has been cancelled. Only vehicles of a certain age limit can be sold "With Trial" check with staff the age limitation.

Odometer Readings

The odometer of mileage reading is to be completed on the Entry Form, you must state whether the reading is warranted, not warranted or incorrect. We do need evidence to support the mileage if you want to warrant it, we would need service history and the mot history printout that is available from Vosa, if you have this bring it with your paperwork as this can help to sell your car and achieve a higher sale price. You should note that misdescription regarding the mileage can be severe and will incur penalties. If you would like a printout of the MOT history of the car the DVLA have the following website and this is a link to it.

This printout may be of help to put with your paperwork.

If you require further information or help about selling your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us.