Leominster Car Auctions are held at 6:00pm every Thursday

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Selling Benefits


At Leominster Car Auctions we want to make it easy to sell your car and get the best possible price we can for it.

We do all the hard work for you, once you've completed the entry form the rest is for us to do. It's quick, problem free and a secure way of selling your car. No more time wasters, no more strangers coming to you home and no more waiting around for the phone to ring, we have a huge quantity of regular buyers, bidding against each other in the auction room, wanting to buy your car.





Simple steps to selling your vehicle

Bring us your vehicle or let us collect it from you.

Ensure your vehicle is clean, tidy and that you have removed any personal belongings. Would you like us to valet your car for you? Click here

Complete entry form (download here) using your available documents and items that come with the car. Service History or any invoices for work you have had carried out – Is very important, bring into office no matter how much there is, it always helps to sell your vehicle and maximise the selling price.  Spare keys are also helpful.

Consider carefully your reserve price for your vehicle. The reserve price is the minimum sale price for your vehicle, please consider you vehicles age, model, mileage, condition and service history when thinking of your reserve. We will do everything we can to achieve your reserve.

Take advantage of our free Valuation.

Selling your vehicle "As Seen". Any age vehicle can be sold "As Seen". Even when selling your vehicle this way you must complete all the sections on the entry form accurately, disclosing if the vehicle has been an Insurance Total loss, re-registered, any outstanding hire purchase etc. There is no need to fill in the mechanical section on the entry form.

Selling your vehicle "With Trial". Only vehicles registered from 2012 onward can be sold “With Trial”. If you decide to sell your vehicle with an end of sale trial, the purchaser has up to one hour after the sale is agreed to query the description of the vehicle and any faults not disclosed by you. The vehicle can only be rejected on major mechanical defects, i.e. the engine - the gearbox - the clutch - the brakes - the steering - transmission - certain electrical components. Together with the buyer we check these within the time frame, if in agreement with the buyer should there be an issue with the vehicle, we will contact you to negotiate an adjustment to the price if possible or confirm that the sale has been cancelled.

  • Once your vehicle is with us, we will photograph the vehicle, arrange the valet if required, add the vehicle to our online stock list and check all paperwork. Your car will then be entered into the next auction.
  • There is no need to attend the Auction, as long as we have a contact number for daytime and evening.
  • Your vehicle will not be sold for less than the reserve without your consent.
  • For seller’s fee’s click here.
  • If your vehicle is sold provisionally, this means your reserve price was not met, we will negotiate between you and the potential buyer to agree a price. To sell your vehicle, you do need to be prepared to negotiate, we will do our best to try and get the best price we can.
  • If your vehicle does not sell the first time, speak to our staff. We can re-enter the vehicle for another auction, but this does mean paying another entry fee. It also means that the reserve price was probably too high, and you need to reduce it.
  • In between sales your vehicle is available to be purchased, your vehicle is displayed online so that our buyers have the opportunity to purchase your vehicle outside of a normal sale

If you have any questions about selling with us, please call us on 01568 708561 and we will be happy to help.